Из парня сделали девушку

Я не заметил как уснул. 

Наступило утро, Я проснулся абсолютно трезвый и начал оценивать ситуацию и понял что я не дома. Для меня это было впервой, вообще в первой остаться у незнакомого человека на ночь. Самое интересное, что я проснулся один, Игоря рядом не было. Я встал одел (далее…)

Школа юных Sissy

Пoслeднee чтo пoмню, этo тo чтo сидeл в бaрe, пил пивo и смoтрeл футбoл, пoтoм пoдсeл кaкoй-тo пaрeнь, oн фaнaт тoгo жe клубa, мы рaзгoвoрились, прoдoлжили пить, пoтoм смутнo всe пoмню и в кoнцe я oтрубился. Прoснулся ужe в сoвсeм другoм мeстe

Пeрвый дeнь

Прoснулся я oт зaпaхa нaшaтыря. Лeжaл я в кaкoм тo (далее…)

Dressed to thrill

This time was no exception but still it was a surprise when he spelled out to me what I had to do. King told me I had to go to his sister with him and she would dress me and do my hair, I was to go to the jugglers arms at seven and I had to get a man to want me. I could not leave before 10pm and not alone,I had to have (далее…)

A service recruit

What a wonderful weekend this was turning out to be, had she only met the divine Sammi just over twenty for hours before. Now she had set her up with Gordon and with her knees flexed back to her shoulders, Gordon was about to take his just deserts with the largest member she had ever seen. Thank goodness he had agreed to a sheath and allowed her to apply some lube. She had hardly recognized her own lacquered hands gently working (далее…)

The Beauty And The King 2

Carol and Dee entered the lobby of Gemmer’s Paradise Hotel. The staff greeted them as prime guests of the night because they had collected the most ample credits at casino and in return, got a free suite reservation.

After dining, the duo stepped inside the master bedroom. It was spacious, heavily carpeted, and air-conditioned. There were wall mirrors and nightstands at both sides of the upholstered bed. The cotton bed (далее…)